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Mr. Charles Riopel , , Pisortaq

M. Riopel is an accomplished senior-level executive with 20+ years domestic/international investment experience in mining. He has managed over the year’s both private and public investment funds. He is the founder and managing partner at Latitude 45, a private equity fund specialized in mining. Prior thereto, he was Senior Investment Director at The Sentient Group, one of the largest PE Funds in mining with over US$2.7 billion under management. He served as Senior Investment Director Metals & Mining at the SGF from 2006 to 2012. He was appointed to the Board of Directors of Women in mining Canada in 2017 and is currently the Chair of the Corporate Governance Committee. He is also a board member of Aligo Innovation, Meridian Mining SA and the Foundation of Greater Montreal. He has served as a director and/or officer of several Canadian and international companies. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from Montreal University and a Masters in Business Administration from Laval University

Mr. Keith Morrison , , P.Geo. , CEO & Pisortaq

Mr. Keith Morrison ukiut 30 sinnerlugit nunani tamalaani atortussanut pilersaarusiornernullu misilittagaqartoq, aningaasaqarnermut, misissuinermut, teknologiimut, nunani tamalaani ingerlatsinerit, aningaasaliinermut tuniniaanerit aamma suliffeqarfinnut ineriartortitsinerit. Siornatigut, Mr. Morrison aallarneeqataanikuuvoq Canadaminngaannersunik marlunnik pingaarutilimmik oqaluttuassartaqartunik, Quantec, nunarsuarmi nunap iluani atsissumut misissuinermut teknologiini siuttuusoq, aamma QGX, canadami pisortanit misissuinermut ingerlatseqatigiiffik Mongoliet-mi ingerlatsinikoq tiguneqarnera sioqqullugu. Mr. Morrison aamma Kalaallit Nunaanni suliaqarnermi misilittagaqarpoq. Massakkut Marengo Mining Ltd.-mi pisortaavoq attuumassuteqanngitsoq aamma Securities Devices International-mut siulersuisuni ilaasortaalluni attuumassuteqanngitsoq.

Mr. Douglas E. Ford , , Pisortaq

Mr. Ford 1987-imili CFO-tut sulisimavoq aamma ingerlatseqatigiiffinni mikisuni aningaasanut niuerfimmi nalunaarsorsimasuni arlalinni, naatsorsuutinut, corporate finance-mut aamma compliance-nik suliaqarnernut toqqaannartumik akisussaaffeqartuni, siulersuisuni ilaasortaasimalluni. Pisortani oqartussaasunik tusagassiuutinillu, ingerlatseqatigiiffimmi aqutsinermi aamma nikerartumik inissisimanernik passussisarnermi annertoorujussuarmik misilittagaqarpoq, aammalu pisiniarfinni tuniniaanerup, niuerfinni aqutsinerup aamma attaveqaqatigiinnerup iluanni piginnaaneqarnera, sullississutini ingerlatseqatigiiffimmut pilersuutigisaanni ullut tamaasa atorluarneqarpoq.

Mr. Christopher Messina , , BA, MBA , Pisortaq

Mr. Messina is an experienced investment banker with over 20 years experience in the capital markets. He has advised multiple global exchanges, commodity producers and traders, private equity firms, corporations and sovereign wealth funds. He is currently an advisor to artificial intelligence and big data software companies focused on applying advanced computational techniques to the global capital and cyber security markets. He has a BA in Anthropology from the University of Chicago, where he was a National Merit Scholar, and an MBA in Finance from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Ms. Zhen (Janet) Huang , , FCCA, CIA , Pisortaq

Ms. Huang has over 13 years of financing, accounting, and internal audit experiences. She qualified through Deloitte UK as a chartered accountant and gained her experiences in financial services, natural resources, public sector, and manufacturing through auditing and consulting engagements for both listed clients and SMEs. Ms. Huang currently serves as Head of Internal Audit for Contemporary Amperex Technology. Formerly, she held the position of Investment Manager and advises on CATL’s oversea resources projects acquisition. She has in-depth knowledge and understanding for lithium, nickel and cobalt metal industry overall and for their application in the NEV industry.

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